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Borrowing Power Calculator

This calculator is designed to give you an estimate of how much money you can borrow from a lender. Note that the borrowing power is calculated on a custom model which can differ from lender to lender. The purpose of this calculator is to merely give an indication of what a lender could offer you, based on some of your basic incomes and financial commitments. You will only know how much you can borrow for certain when you apply and receive conditional approval for a maximum borrowing amount on a loan.

Loan Repayment Calculator

This calculator helps you work out what your regular repayments will be based on your home loan amount. Repayment frequency can be changed to monthly, fortnightly or weekly. You can also see how the loan will diminish over time on the amortisation table.

Home Loan Offset Calculator

This calculator helps you estimate how much interest and loan term you can save by utilising a Home Loan Offset Account.

Extra Repayment Calculator

This calculator helps you estimate how much time and interest you can save over the life of your home loan if you make regular additional repayments into your loan.

Stamp Duty Calculator

This calculator calculates property transfer stamp duty, mortgage registration and transfer fees when you purchase a property in Australia. It also calculates the government's First Home Owner's Grant when you purchase your first home, if you are eligible for this grant.

Income Tax Calculator

Calculate a simple income tax liability based on the ATO's current personal income tax rates and thresholds.

Budget Planner

The Budget Planner can help you work out your income and expenses, and find out your financial position.

Saving Calculator

This calculator estimates the total accumulation in a savings account based on a regular deposit arrangement.

Interest Only Mortgage Calculator

Split Loan Calculator

Income Annualisation Calculator

Rent vs Buy Calculator