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Another free service our mortgage brokers offer is repricing. The Loan Company has a best-in-class Customer Relationship Management system, which sends reminders to our brokers every two years to check in on your loan.

Repricing is where we approach your bank to negotiate a better interest rate for you. You don’t have to do a thing!

One of the advantages of repricing is that you don’t need to change your lender or any of your loan account details. This can be handy if you have several linked accounts (for example, an offset account that you automatically transfer money to on pay day).

Other advantages include that repricing is much faster than a refinance, it’s more affordable (as there are no loan transfer or administrative costs) and most importantly, there’s minimal paperwork required!

If this sounds good to you, call us on (08) 6461 5444 to chat further about your options, or you can click on ‘Contact Us’ below, leave your details, and we’ll give you a call shortly.